TCMP Rural

UBC CPD is currently developing a rural spinoff of This Changed My Practice and is recruiting contributing authors! TCMP Rural will follow the same model as This Changed My Practice, but will publish content that is especially relevant to physicians in rural settings. Contributors may discuss evidence-based practices, or highlight a best practice (process, procedure, or interaction) in a rural clinical community.

If you have experience working in a rural setting and are interested in contributing an article to TCMP Rural, please contact Laura Beamish.

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to share knowledge and practice-changing tips with your peers and colleagues, as well as raise the profile of rural physicians as educators. You will also receive a small honorarium for your contribution. Furthermore, you may receive CME teaching credits for developing and delivering an article (or articles).

We are very happy to offer writing support at any stage in the process, be it researching, writing, or editing. Articles should brief enough to be read in four to five minutes, and focus on either of two sets of questions:

  1. What did you do before?
  2. What changed your practice?
  3. What do you do now?


  1. What care gaps or frequently asked questions have you noticed?
  2. What data addresses these gaps or questions?
  3. What responses do you recommend?

More information on contributing an article may be found here.