3 responses to “Changing the game for Acute Infectious Diarrhea — IDP for the win!”

  1. Fantastic test that I have found very useful clincally already.

    One test that is NOT included in this IDP and we should be ordering more often: Strongyloides serology. It is present in 40% of foreign-born Canadians. That’s 2.5 million Canadians.

    So I always try to order this if someone has vague GI symptoms / is at risk (i.e. they walked barefoot in Africa, Asia and Central or South America)

    Source: https://www.cmaj.ca/content/194/3/e89

  2. Very useful.
    I wonder about suspected food poisoning from restaurants, community dinners, etc. Where does this test fit in?
    I recall some food poisoning causes vomiting quickly (staph?) — this test would not help, but quite a lot is diarrhea illness. This has legal & public health implications.
    Years ago at our clinic party for a departing staff they all went down with salmonella. The source was easy to track – raw cheesecake made on the premises. (No doctors were ill because we all left before dessert for a meeting at our office.)

  3. Anyone knows if this is available in other provinces?

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