3 responses to “Geriatric urinary incontinence: just ask!”

  1. The information definitely helps to shape my approach to UI and management.

  2. This was well presented and made the issue more clear.
    I would like to see more evaluation of Mirabegron and the frail elderly, especially those with mild to moderate dementia. As noted, this population is unlikely to respond to non-pharmacologic treatment.
    Non-pharmacologic treatment is unlikely to be available in rural settings, so unfortunately pharmacotherapy may be the only solution.

  3. Thanks for a good update on the treatment options for geriatric UI! Please also consider referring your patients to a pelvic floor physiotherapist to assess and retrain the pelvic floor muscles. Physiotherapists also provide education on bladder training, urge suppression techniques, and functional use of the pelvic floor to prevent leakage.

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