This Changed My Practice is a free online educational initiative for health-care professionals by UBC Continuing Professional Development launched in 2010. We deliver quick summaries of impactful clinical studies, clinical pearls, and practice tips (including new billing codes, drug approvals, new tools, guidelines, etc.) every 2 weeks. Make sure to subscribe to our eNewsletter.

How is this different from other great evidence-based medicine resources like Tools for Practice, journals, InfoPOEMs, etc?

Each year, physicians from all disciplines are inundated with ever-increasing volumes of new information. Despite this, only a handful of clinical trials are actually significant enough to change practice or impact guidelines.

Instead of providing summaries of trials as they come out, we ask our authors which clinical trials, data, or practice tips have truly impacted their practice, changed their current treatment of a problem, or made them question something they did before and changed their practice. Think of it as sitting down with a trusted colleague and asking them: What new information changed your practice recently?

If something has changed your practice, please consider submitting an article for publication: read more. All article submissions and authors’ disclosures are reviewed by a physician editorial board consisting of 5 BC family and specialist physicians.

This Changed My Practice is funded internally by UBC CPD and does not accept industry funding. We follow all accreditation and certification standards.

See key features of the program: view.


Articles are evidence-based and designed for rapid consumption, typically taking less than 5–10 minutes to read. We also provide links to references and resources if you want to explore more.

Each article is in the same format:

1. What I did before
2. What changed my practice
3. What I do now

We expect some of the opinions to be controversial and hope this fosters comments and dialogue. Each article includes an opportunity for you, our readers, to submit comments, ask questions, and vote on the impact the information presented will have on your practice. We then close the loop by asking the author(s) to respond to your comments.


In 2014 TCMP won the CFPC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award. This award recognizes a MAINPRO®-accredited educational program that has provided an exceptional learning experience to practicing or practice-eligible CFPC members. In 2012 UBC CPD received the Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award for This Changed My Practice.

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