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  1. The section on “billing” is erroneous. How are we supposed to demand fees from our patients living in poverty to complete their forms?

  2. Ami, I think the form indicates how to bill MSP or Service Canada for filling out the form, not to bill patients directly. If you click through the links it takes you to external websites.

    Thank you for putting this together Dr McKeown! I would just add there is at least one more caregiver form beyond the compassionate care one you’ve indicated (i know, there are so many forms….). To consider for your next update. Here’s the current link explaining caregiver benefits (for now!) https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/caregiving.html

  3. Thank you so much for this!!! It will be so helpful for both me and my patients.

  4. Hi Ami,
    If you click on the hyperlink for “information about billing” in the PWD, PPMB and CPP-D columns on page 1, it will provide a bit more info about billing MSP or Service Canada. We’ve included the MSP billing codes for the PWD and PPMB forms for a quick reference.

    Hi Dr Katie.
    Thanks very much for your link about caregiver benefits for our next version.

  5. A stable source of income is necessary for marginalized patients to shift their focus from next meal/safety/shelter toward improving their lives and mental/physical health.

    This is an excellent tool to review and understand income assistance options to discuss briefly with patients when appropriate. It complements the “Poverty Tool” https://bccfp.bc.ca/why-join/poverty-tool/ and supports the CFPC Patient Medical Home Social Determinants of Health guide https://bccfp.bc.ca/why-join/sdh-best-advice-guide/

    In my fee for service office, I found that referral of these patients to a (visiting) nurse/social worker for assistance with social and psychological determinants of health + Govt form preparation, saved time and paperwork, was financially remunerative with Case Conferencing GPSC Fee (social worker was funded by a community based NGO), and increased my “joy in practice”.

  6. Thank you very much. It is very useful for my practice.

  7. Useful article, thank you.

    Be cautious when writing an article that the reader knows what you know. You mention that updates can be found on “Pathways”. What is this?

  8. Very useful. Thanks !

  9. Thanks so much for putting this together in one resource! This is a helpful framework for understanding the process in order to optimize care for some of our most vulnerable.

  10. Hi Russell,
    Pathways is an online resource available to all family physicians in BC who are members of their respective Divisions of Family Practice. https://www.divisionsbc.ca/provincial/what-we-do/practice-support/pathways

  11. Quick and concise link.

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