5 responses to “The risks of worklessness”

  1. Paid sick days at work appear to be contrary to best health practices, particularly when they are taken off regularly as extra holiday time.

  2. My mother always talked about the therapeutic value of work.

  3. This is important knowledge for all primary care physicians and nurses — and not just primary care, specialties too. Embrace it and we will really be helping our patents. Work imparts value and meaning to lives.
    At the same time, making workplaces more humane and collegial is equally important. Many cases of resistance returning to work are aggravated by defects in this regard that employers must address.

  4. Let us cultivate our garden. Idle hands and all that.

  5. Interesting correlations. I wonder if they are sick because they are off work, if the are off work because they are sick, or if some other factor(s) increases both the risk of being off work and being sick. Thanks.

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