9 responses to ““Girls on the Spectrum”: Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Girls”

  1. Interesting slant on a cohort of patients that we might not have considered before.

  2. So interesting. Thank you

  3. Thanks Alisa for raising awareness of this issue!
    Well written and researched article.

  4. The high rate if incidence reported makes me think that people are a little bit to eager to diagnose.

  5. I feel there are more children being diagnosed with these types of disorders, are we becoming aware now of the signs and symptoms, or are there more underlying problems causing this, as in diets, air quality, upbringing, disease, interesting topic and one I will follow.

  6. Reading your article I have instantly thought of 2 girls I met recently in whom I did not but will consider ASD diagnosis. Thanks for bringing this issue to light – appreciate it.

  7. I work in the field as a BCBA and have been facilitating a Girls Social group for the past few years for girls on the spectrum. I started as I had more girls on my caseload than boys at the time and saw the need to narrow the social groups I offered at the time to meet the girls specific needs. Since then, after attending local presentations through ACT and my own research I have learned a great deal, but realize that educating others is still required. Thank you for raising the awareness!

  8. This explains a lot about two of my patients, thank you for this summary

  9. I believe ASD1with out diagnosis is the cause for more trouble in families than people realise. Would love a comprehensive article specifically geared to asd1 in adult women.

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