5 responses to “Best practice: a tip from an employment lawyer”

  1. Very nice article that should be made a mandatory reading for any doctor going into practice, solo, group or partnerships. Too often, the young doctors are more concerned about their medical practice (getting patients, referals, setting up appointment systems, balancing office and hospital work) or joining an established group. I think all provincial medical association should provide these information (or better hold periodic seminars or info sessions for doctors entering practice).

  2. Yes, I agree with the above thoughts. I assumed a practice in BC 3 years ago and had no idea about these employment issues. Thanks for the information.

  3. this is an excellent article with exceptionally important info. i have been in practise for 30 yrs and we had some problems before adopting more careful policies. Thank you

  4. There is no substitute for getting these agreements in place at the beginning. !

  5. I agree with the previous comments! Thank you for placing this practice management wisdom within the framework of CME. I feel it is often the questions that we don’t think of asking that get us into the most trouble.

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