4 responses to “What blood pressure should I target in my patients with chronic kidney disease?”

  1. Good recommendations. Often patients return from another service (such as Cardiology) on a number of new antihypertensive medications and do not always tolerate those. These guidelines if followed may help prevent side effects.

  2. It was really practical article but needs information more about declining more than 30% in what period of time?

  3. Blood pumped under high pressure always has tendency to create endothelial damage by shearing forces even in normal arteries. The same force in already weak ‘n damaged vessels can have much more deleterious effects. Thus rationale of reducing target Bp in CKD. I, in my practice, try to achieve target between 110 – 128 systolic & always below 80 of diastolic aiming close to 120/70 ish.
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  4. I struggled with the BP target for the Diabetic population. My understanding was that there was no evidence for lowering this populations BP target vs. non- diabetic populations as per Therapeutics Initiatives. What evidence did you use to make the lowered BP target for the diabetic population?
    JEnnifer Harris, MD

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