5 responses to “How a family physician can help patients with chronic pain: a guide to navigating patient internet resources in BC”

  1. I wish it is so simple and easy.

  2. I like the idea of having a specific topic to discuss at renewal visits for pain meds. I’m going to try this with one patient and see how it goes and get their feedback. This was a useful topic.

  3. Pain is a sensation that the body is trying to tell you something is not quite right. This article has not deal with ways of finding out and trying to relief the pain at the cause. It only teaches patient how to live with it.

  4. I will try this with several patients
    – good tip about the website and suggestion to lead your patients thru the topics. I have given out the link before and never followed up on the ideas there.

    I am hopeful that this can only help
    The patient and myself
    In the office visit – I find them
    To be quite time consuming and patients haven’t been keen on more frequent visits- like every two weeks- which would allow me
    To tackle things in bite
    Sized chunks!

  5. very useful advice as if the patient buys into looking at the data provided it would definitely help the patient in dealing with his or her pain. It would also help me in time mgm and in organization of the pain discussions with the patient.

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