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  1. What is College of physicians and surgeons of BC position?
    If no position published can we get them working on this asap?

  2. Thank you for the info! Is there one you have been using or recommend?

  3. What are some recommended options for AI scribes?

  4. I would rather we reduce/eliminate the regulatory and reimbursement pressures than add another technology to try to satisfy them.

  5. As the majority of my patient encounters are using Language Line on speaker phone translating 5+ different languages a day this would be crazy to try. I would love to see how AI makes out with Kinyrwanda! I would be happy to have an EMR that functions better than a glorified word processor. I am very unhappy with Practice Solutions which was once upon a time the CMA flagship EMR

  6. Hi All,

    There are many potential vendors. We would recommend searching online for an AI medical scribe. Example Canadian vendors:
    AutoScribe by Mutuo . com (Toronto, ON, Canada)
    Scribeberry . com (Toronto, ON, Canada)
    Tali AI . ai (Toronto, ON, Canada)

    Disclaimer: We are not recommending any specific vendor and we have no affiliation with these companies.

  7. With the vendors who keeps a record (no matter how briefly – some states 1 week), I am quite concerned re data safety, and with all vendors, I don’t at all trust that they don’t do some sort of Data Mining. The vendor will gain knowledge of your practice even if your patients were anonymized – YOU are not (anonymized). They will be able to generate a profile on your medical practice on such as: how long is your avg visit, % of time you talk vs pt talk, things like top 10 most common diagnoses, and even patterns of your management steps. On a superficial level, they collect and sell this aggregate data about you (to marketers) – not at all unlikely, unless protected explicitly by contract or by law / regulations. On a deeper level, the AI learns how you as a physicians manage various types of complaints, and well, perhaps replicate or replace you (us)….?

  8. What are the most reliable AI vendors?

  9. Thank you for the excellent article! Would you be willing to share the consent form you use? I’ve been using Scibeberry and drafted my own patient consent form after being unable to find one (and there is no position statement or guidance from CPSBC yet)

  10. I have been using AI to summarize patent interactions in the office. Estimate 10% are really accurate, 30% are useless, and the rest fall somewhere in between. My total time spent on paperwork has increased. Plus we have to get consent from everybody. I find they are most useful with a single clearly defined problem (like sore throat), and with very long histories, such as mental health. However the notes can be lengthy and require a lot of editing.

  11. Please note that CPSBC has published new interim guidance on artificial intelligence, view at https://www.cpsbc.ca/news/publications/college-connector/2024-V12-03/03.

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