10 responses to “Depression in the elderly”

  1. Helpful and relevant approach to the elderly.

    Good practical steps to take.

  2. this was an excellent review of this important clinical problem.I often wonder if I have missed this often subtle presentation This will enable me to see more clearly

  3. Informative and practical

  4. Good review, will continue to be aware of this

  5. succinct and clear,educational review on the topic

  6. Good practical review

  7. The importance of awareness of an atypical presentation in the elderly is an important emphasis,as is the value of Functional screening as part of the assessment.
    A very focused and practical review.

  8. Good review

  9. Excellent info. I will definitely use it.

  10. Please clarify dosing of cipralex and citalopram in elderly and role of ecg particularly with reference to current prescrire publication thank you

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