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  1. While I always tell my patients they will tolerate labour better if they stay physically fit, I have never been this specific about how to exercise. I think the “conversation” while exercising info will be helpful with some patients who are so exercise dependent that they end up with SGA or other issues. A way to moderate their behaviour is probably as important as increasing exercising of those who do not do any.

  2. Excellent article, with support for doing so from a very knowledgeable and encouraging physician

  3. Great article thank you! There is also evidence that cardiovascular exercise may improve the circulation in the placenta. I feel a real obligation to discuss the benefits of exercise with my new OB patients or those trying to conceive for all the reasons stated in the article and also with the ever increasing numbers of women and children being overweight/obese this is also a wonderful opportunity to try and prevent this. Thanks again


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