5 responses to “Fecal biomarkers in the diagnosis and management of inflammatory bowel disease”

  1. I recently sent a patient for a FC and the cost was closer to $175. The sample was sent to California for testing. However it is a valuable test and helps to either reassure or make a decision to further investigate.

  2. Other useful tests should include gluten sensitivity and stool analysis looking for yeast overgrowth and parasites etc.

  3. Although this looks good as a means of avoiding colonoscopy, the cost is likely to be prohibitive for many many people especially as colonoscopy is covered by MSP.

  4. Based on this article, this looks like a very useful tool. The cost is not outrageous and if it can reduce the strain on endoscopy services it very definitely should be considered in appropriate cases. Since FIT testing and the BC colon cancer screening program has caught on it is taking many months to get a non-emergency colonoscopy.

  5. How is it justifiable for patients to incur (for-profit) fees for this test from a private lab – any more than to charge them for their troponin testing, their lipid levels, their colonoscopies–or any other evidence-based, mainstream medical intervention? Is any political movement happening on this front? Petitions, letter-writing, or other form of protests–I’d like to get involved.

    C. W. Pierce MD/FRCPC

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