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  1. This was an amazing TCMP! I immediately used the link to sign up for TI Portraits and I look forward to using it to improve my standard of care for my patients!!! A huge thanks to Dr. Norris for writing this article.

  2. How do Ontario docs register?

  3. For Bill Watson: Portraits are limited to prescribers in BC only, so you would be unable to register. Portraits use prescribing data that is only available within our province and unfortunately Ontario doesn’t have as extensive a database. There are some feedback programs in Ontario, which you may already be familiar with, but if not you might start here: (https://www.hqontario.ca/quality-improvement/practice-reports/primary-care.

    You can view the sample Portraits of course at https://www.ti.ubc.ca/portrait/portrait-topics/ but would not be able to receive feedback on your specific practice.

    While the UBC Therapeutics Initiative is not involved with any feedback programs in Ontario, we are part of a research project called CANBuild-AMR that involves building a national framework for feedback on antibiotic prescribing.

  4. TI is super intrusive. I received an unsolicited “Prescribing Portrait” from TI out of the blue. So much for registering, as they clearly have all my details already. I’m not sure who gave TI the authority to access my personal prescribing data, reassurances regarding confidentiality notwithstanding, but it certainly wasn’t me.

    A good practice in medicine, as in life, is to obtain consent, particularly when it comes to professional matters.

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