4 responses to “Learning to meet my patient where they are at – how letting go changed my practice”

  1. looks very good will read all the references

  2. thank you so much for this. I need that reminder and it helps me refocus the interview back to the patient/client

  3. So many helping professionals want to jump right to action, or at least, advice-giving. Thank you for this very important reminder to slow down, refrain from judging, and give some space to reflect back what the client/patient may be experiencing. I know that when I manage to remember to practice this way, I find my work much more satisfying–an added bonus.

  4. Excellent article. There’s nothing more effective than genuine curiosity when it comes to connecting with those we are trying to help! I have also learned that my agenda doesn’t matter. As commented above “Slow down and give some space” is so valuable.

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