4 responses to “Meniscectomy”

  1. I agree with this approach and have tried to do this for some time, though many patients are fixed on their belief about the value of an MRI.

  2. Great insight! I will keep in mind that the meniscus appearance in MRI does not correlate with pain. The barrier is obtaining Physio for patients with no insurance. I would like to be able to provide effective exercises for payellofemoral syndrome. I use a handout sheet of exercises which I obtained from some Naprosyn promotional material.

  3. I am very grateful to have this sensible evidence based and practical approach to knee pain that seems to correlate well with improved outcomes.

  4. Around 15 years ago in my late 50s, towards the end of a run there was an audible pop and an intense pain in my left knee. MRI showed a partial meniscal tear. The physiotherapist said it would “re-surface” and after 6-8 months of exercises I got back to running races. Am still grateful to this therapist who overcame my disbelief and helped avoid the surgeon.

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