4 responses to “Hiding in plain sight: men’s mental health”

  1. Raising Cain is a book that is an absolutely excellent resource which strongly relates to this concept . I would also include the book Parenting from the Inside out by Daniel Segal – neurodevelopmental issues related to parenting affect all genders.

  2. This is a really important point that I hadn’t thought much about.

    In the US, I’m guessing that gun ownership, and the general glorification of violent solutions to complex problems, plays a role. Did much of the reviewed data come from the US?

    Second question: how good is the evidence that the described interventions can reduce completed suicide?

  3. I particularly liked the larger module that the “managing anger” resource is a part of. FYI, NIAAA has removed Rethinking Drinking from their website because it’s under revision, with an undetermined re-activation date.

  4. Great article. I agree with it. It is important to recognize this and assist these individuals in stress.

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