3 responses to “Myocardial infarction in women without obstructive coronary artery disease”

  1. I personally would not be involved with patient care at this level. However the article is excellent, clear and concise.

  2. l see such patients. occasionally. lwillconsiderstatus in them. lWas used to reassuring them to date Referral to cardiologist would be vuy helpful as well.

  3. I knew from a study several years ago that women with MI but no CAD on angio had higher 5-year mortality rates, but the etiology had not been clarified. This article is excellent and I will use it in practice and teaching. When I worked in rural med, we were often very frustrated waiting for metro appointments for people who then completed an infarct or had another while on the wait list, so the phone/referral information is great. Thank you.

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