7 responses to “Mitigating the climate impact of asthma therapy”

  1. Thanks for writing such a thoughtful article! Seems like an easy way to make great impact.

    What is your inhaler approach to managing these patients on DPIs that come into hospital for an exacerbation of their asthma?

  2. Will offer switch to DPI after discussion re environmentsl regards benefits

  3. How can policy be changed to address this? Health Canada should be taking this on. Are outpatient pharmacies bringing this up? Formulary changes in hospital might adjust discharge scripts and spread the word. Nice job!

  4. Thanks to Drs. Celia Culley and Val Stoynova, there has been approval to change the formulary in Island Health, to include Terbutaline! Great work!

  5. Brilliant. Great “This changed my practice” article. This is very doable from a patient, prescriber and profession perspective. This article and attachments make it easy and realistic to do.

  6. I hope that the pressure by prescribers as well as agencies such as health authorities and provincial drug plans will motivate the pharmaceutical industry to develop other alternative SABA agents or delivery devices that are more climate friendly. We got rid of CFC MDIs in early 2000s, time to put a realistic phase-out date on HFA inhalers through inovation and education. Prescriber inertia is a major factor, I am working on it. Great article and initiative!

  7. Great work and article!

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