9 responses to “A simple new technique for collecting urine in infants”

  1. Dr. Thiessen first describes rubbing over the bladder while tapping the spine, then tapping over the bladder and rubbing the spine. I assume the correct procedure is the former

  2. Please verify – Spain did the rub over the supra pubic area and the tap over the lumbar area. You mention you do the opposite. Was this a typo? I will surely try this with my patients !

  3. Non invasive is always good.

  4. useful

  5. The correct procedure is tapping over the bladder and rubbing over the spine

  6. So simple, non-invasive and nothing lost even if it doesn’t work.

  7. thanks you. interesting will try it next time with an infant . non invasive and moms will be happier!

  8. Sounds quick and definitely non invasive so will try. Do you need a third hand to hold collection bottle or use bag?

  9. Thanks for A practical tip

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