6 responses to “Outcome-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)”

  1. One of the best of this series – short, referenced, focused on outcome.

  2. thank you so much Dan for documenting this. It gives hope to many – now to figure out how to scale this up.

  3. I agree with your approach Dan and try to recommend the self-help Anti-depressant Workbook to my patients. However, not all people “connect” with written text and many prefers talking to a real person in front of them. I agree also sadly, there are not many counsellors or psychologists practice CBT, let alone outcome-focused CBT. Would you know of any organizations that would be helpful to locate list of practitioners geographically for us to assess?

  4. Great information. Great references for developing an approach for using CBT in practice, and for patients to access.

  5. Very useful information. Thanks Dan.

  6. I am glad to join this online self paced Training Program.

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