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  1. THis was such perfect timing as we are looking for a new handheld ultrasound for our OB clinic. Thanks !!

  2. Great article thank you! Curious why you did not evaluate the GE V-Scan. We have one at our hospital (Ridge Meadows), and while it is obviously not up to the quality of our “real” portable machines, the image quality is more than adequate. Wonderfully convenient when tubing (rule out mainstem intubation) and lining Covid patients.

  3. Sound encouraging to help with diagnosing GCA,

  4. as a pediatric cardiologist , which probe do you recommend (best echi views)
    also , does any of these devices offer good fetal echo views?

  5. Any comments on the Clarius C3? Looks like Clarius made a multi-use probe similar to butterfly. I’ve heard from colleagues that Butterfly is limited for cardiac views. And it appears in your review that images are better w/ Clarius when compared to Butterfly. I’m curious if the Clarius image quality carries over into their new C3 probe, or if its the limitation of an “all-in-one” probe.” Thanks!

  6. Curious to know how the new version of the Clarius C3 probe functions for parasternal and apical cardiac views. Anyone with experience? Our site has an older C3 but I’ve never tried using it for cardiac, as our cart-machines have a phased array probe.

  7. One needs to add in the membership price for Clarius to get its full potential. This is not cheap.

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