2 responses to “Postoperative “troponinitis” is not benign: highlighting the importance of surveillance”

  1. I am a general surgeon and I can see that I should be monitoring troponin post-operatively more often. My question is which patients should I be checking them in?

  2. Dear Dr. Wood,

    Thank you for reading our article and for your interest on this topic. Based on the Canadian Cardiovascular Society guideline, those who have a preoperative BNP ≥ 92 mg/L or NT-proBNP ≥ 300 ng/L, should have postoperative surveillance troponins done on postoperative day 0 to 3.

    Please note that we do not delay discharges just to have all 3 days of screening troponins done.

    For a summary of the guideline, please refer to an earlier This Change My Practice article: https://thischangedmypractice.com/first-canadian-guideline-on-perioperative-cardiac-risk-in-non-cardiac-surgery/

    Kind regards,
    Terence Yung and Steve Ham

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