15 responses to “Undergoing the College’s practice review assessment”

  1. concur

  2. A valuable review of expectations. The point is well made that it’s purpose is to assist in enhancing practice standards and quality of care.

  3. Sounds good. Something to look forward to if I last 20 years in practice.

  4. This is something we all fear. It is helpful to see it as a learning opportunity rather than a disciplinary action.

  5. I just underwent a practice review and it was good. It’s nice to get feedback and input when we so often practice all on our own without anyone to share things with.

  6. Glad to hear the reveiw was not perceived as punitive. Other audits by the College have been described to me in a less favorable light but might reflect perception more than reality.

  7. I had a recent audit and there is no need to worry about it.
    Before the audit we were told what the inspection would be
    looking for and it gave us time to improve the things that
    could be improved e.g.Put away the chart of the last patient before the next patient goes into the same room. Our office has EMR so we made sure that the last patient’s chart had been closed before we left the room. We considered putting the mouse into our pocket when we left the room. We stopped keeping our bagged lunch in the same fridge as the injectables. All obvious things which we tend to neglect because of the minor inconvenience it causes us

  8. This is something that would certainly be feared by many but this description and some of the comments are helpful and the whole situation takes on a different light. As long as the people DOING the assessment are approachable, good communicators and do not come across as punitive I would imagine it to be a great learning opportunity.

  9. Reassuring as I am currently in the process for the second time

  10. thank you for the information. Makes the process seem less daunting.

  11. Agree with review

  12. Glad that I do not have an office practice now.

  13. very useful report, and food for thought, sounds less daunting than i might have expected.

  14. thanks for the article. good to know the process involved and good summary of question to help verify that the record is of good standard.

  15. I am a fresh UBC family medicine grad , in practice for a little more than a year. Our office is undergoing an assessment soon.. Hope it goes well but I am confident that we are doing things the right way

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