18 responses to “It’s just a runny nose!”

  1. Need to start looking in more noses!

  2. I always look in noses and recognize most of the issues brought up by Dr. Luciuk. It neatly put together the value of doing such a simple exam.

  3. Good review. Great tips!

  4. Good photos on the link. I haven’t seen a lot of those things in practice, so nice to be able to get a quick refresher, as well as a brief bit on management.

  5. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. good photos!

  7. A lot of nasal pathology out there if you are looking for it. Good reminder.

  8. A good update on a far-too-common condition.

  9. Always a good thing to have a clean nasal speculum in your office. I’m surprised by patients who frequently will comment, ‘Doc, your the first Doctor who ever looked in my nose!”

  10. no change. Comment is valid.

  11. I often look in patients noses. Good reminder.

  12. thanks for the review, will keep in mind the varied symptomatology that can present with allergic rhinitis.

  13. A great reminder, one practice that tends to slide as the years in practice move along. You have motivated me to try harder here. Thanks.

  14. Its true, we forget the nose unless people really complain about it. Why are we shy about looking up there?
    Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Great picture reference!

  16. Agree that looking up the nose is very useful. Recently had an 8[!] year old girl with profuse but clear not purulent discharge for 3 months. Lo and behold green plastic bead that ENT had to remove under GA.

  17. A good article….but….how about treating the problem? Nothing seems to work!

  18. Good article careful examination important

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