10 responses to “Self-management of mood problems”

  1. good article

  2. The downloadable booklets are excellent.

  3. The downloadable section of enormous value.

  4. I downloaded a couple of the booklets, and find them to be excellent. I will use them.

  5. Excellent downloads – will use them in my practice.

  6. The downloadable section is an excellent idea.
    I plan to use them in my practice

  7. A very self serving article. Very little science in the article.

  8. well worth a try.
    there is very little in the way of mental health services where i work.

  9. good article

  10. My son said something remarkable the other day while I was driving him off to a job interview in a foreign land. He said” There is something so therapeutic when you can speak with other humans about your experience”.
    And there is. Self help- whatever- it is all out there and literally has been out there for decades-
    but we are dealing with hurt human beings who need a live credentialed human being- not a computer program nor a book nor matter HOW well written- they need time to talk- face to face. With a human NOT a book!

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