6 responses to “The power of storytelling in clinical encounters”

  1. Excellent, brief commentary with excellent references.

    Another “resource” that demonstrates the effectiveness of narrative medicine is by Dr. Rachael Naomi Reman in her books:
    Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings

  2. I appreciate the reminder that body-centred experiences through sensory activation/ involvement can be evoked with story telling to enliven the particular learning moment

  3. I enjoyed this article. Thank you!

    Another source is the work of Michael White, who developed narrative therapy. He taught patients (and therapists) how to tap into the power of stories to generate more functional patterns of behaviour and belief.

  4. Good article. Great technique to communicate with the pt.

  5. Thank you. Well written and meaningful. The art of medicine and healing stories

  6. Simply superb!! Thank you for the insight…

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