20 responses to “Don’t request testosterone levels for women’s low sexual desire”

  1. Interesting and informative. I will use this information in my practice.

  2. It has long been my practice to tell older women concerned about decreasing libido that, compared to men, women are complex beings and that hormones play a relatively small role in any discussion of sexual desire. This kind of statement is usually well received and often leads to comments as to how simplistic men are!

  3. need more information. But is there harm is giving low dose testosterone to women who has low level of testosterone?

  4. very useful evidence in dealing with unreasonable demands

  5. This article by Dr. Basson very clearly shows the point to be made and will definitely change my answers to the question of whether Andriol should be prescribed to increase feminine libido.

  6. This will quiet some unreasonable “demands” by patients.

  7. I fully agree that these findings are significant. Since at least 50% of women respond reasonably to male hormone in a number of different formulations, the placebo effect must be quite strong.

  8. Very helpful to respond to women and questions on testosterone supplementation.

  9. This article will help me in how I will answer patients’ questions in the future.

  10. I normally don’t order a testosterone in womens lo libido but if a patient pressures me to do this I will have amunition to refuse and explore other aerwas as suggested

  11. Interesting and helpful study results.

  12. The ‘low level’ in the serum may or may not reflect low intracellular testosterone production. Even if it did low desire has not been shown to correlate with any accurate measure of testosterone activity in women – serum measure, intracrine measure or total intracrine plus serum. As well, there are no long term safety data (published data to 2 years on small number of women plus industry data to 3 years. But women’s sexual lives usually continue for as long as there is an active partner.
    Dr. Basson

  13. Rosemary, Thanks for the fact-filled evidence. I will certainly use the discussion in my consults with patients.

  14. having seen the side effects of testosterone use in women (many not reversible with stopping) I have not used it. It is very helpful to have a study that backs up what I have observed over the years – minimal help. Also nice to have ammunition to dissuade patients that insist on using it after they have seen something on TV indicating it will solve all their female sexual problems!

  15. What about a local testosterone cream? seems to be effective for many post menopausal women who have no other changes ie relationship or physical issues

  16. thanks for the review, will keep your tips in mind

  17. excellent, didnt order this test before. ‘low” Testosterone doesnt even correlate with desire in otherwise normal men

  18. never did order this in women…giving testosterone for this problem always seemed to me carry more risk then benefits.

  19. Not finding low levels of testosterone in women correlated with libido does not answer the question whether testosterone supplementation would help. The answer is yes according to a NEJM study -though modest.
    I deal with chronic pain cases and find invariably that women pain patients have unmeasurable androgen levels. Supplementation seems to help their pains though can’t say about libido…

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