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  1. It makes perfect sense to be present and mindful in our daily life. We need more of this taught in our medical schools and CME conferences

  2. Great article. Have you connected to Dr. Mark Sherman who has founded bCALM the BC Association for Living Mindfully ? His website is https://livingthismoment.ca/. Mark has been leading mindfulness in medicine retreats for physicians (and their spouses) on Vancouver Island over the past few years and is changing our lives one retreat at a time ! Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement to build a mindfulness practice to help us become better spouses, parents and physicians. Will keep working on it.

  4. Excellent article and great topic. I agree with the comments above – we should definitely have more focus on caring for ourselves in our education as health care professionals. I love the practical tips for mindfulness – you don’t necessarily have to have studied mindfulness and gone to retreats in order to do these simple daily things. Life is all about choices.

  5. What a wonderful piece. Thank you. I would highly recommend the book “Attending” mentioned in this article. It is life changing as well as highly readable and applicable to physicians.

  6. Great article

  7. Thank you for giving credence to this sort of practice. I believe we are better physicians for this practice, though mostly, as the author says, we are doing it to help us become better people, but the “side effects” are showing up in a clearer, calmer way.

  8. Thank you for sharing, it is very much appreciated.

  9. Thank you for providing a glimpse into mindfulness practices and giving examples on how we can incorporate this. Some of the most highly regarded (and attended) CMEs I have attended in the past 2 years have been around what we would have called ‘touchy-feely stuff’ in days gone by. It is refreshing to see change in this area.

  10. Nice, thanks for sharing this. At BC Childrens & Women’s Hospital, we have developed an 8-week mindfulness course for physicians, adapted from the work of Ron Epstein, Mick Krasner, and colleagues at the University of Rochester.

    Here are some further reflections on this topic: http://postgrad.med.ubc.ca/2017/03/17/staying-present-mindfulness-in-health-care/

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