13 responses to “Treating Hepatitis C – the future is now!”

  1. An excellent summary of the role of the new protease inhibitors in the treatment of HCV infection.

  2. Excellent article! Lots of hope for pts.

  3. very interesting article

  4. Thank you for this summary and background. For patients with HCV1, RNA +, who are still awaiting treatment availability, what is the likelihood of developing cirrhosis BEFORE 20 years of infection?

  5. Good News.As a primary care physician the therapeutic decisions in this area lie outside our area of control

  6. interesting and optimistic

  7. Always uplifting to read about new breakthru in disease.

  8. Useful to remind myself again about the susceptibility to treatment of G1, 2, 3.

  9. Really nice to know, as some of my new Asian immigrant patient are Hep (+) ve, and may eventually develop fibrosis

  10. helpful information

  11. This new treatment protocol will eventually save BC health significantly more than just the cost to produce these drugs.

  12. thank you for this concise and informative update. hopefully BC Pharmacare can look outside of their immediate purview and approve these medications quickly.

  13. Great information! This is very helpful! … especially for those who suffer from Hepatitis they need to know this. Their knowledge about the Hepatitis will determine their actions and to care continue. And for those who are healthy will seek to prevent.

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