2 responses to “Two causes of anemia”

  1. Good reminder of some of the red flags for hematologic causes of anemia.
    However, this article feels a bit like a plug for CelGene’s products (e.g. the MDS Clear Path names medications that are manufactured by CelGene).

  2. I find the serum ferritin a misleading test unless the person is youngish and healthyish as it rises with any background inflammatory response be it oncogenic,infectious, or arthritic so I wonder if it should be married to the CRP or ESR for fuller interpretation ( 2 other tests which I find fraught with spinoffs) or can one stick to serum iron in the elderly and avoid a highly forked algorithm.
    PS I like the new info on MDS as I always felt it was unnameable to effective interventions. For rural folks though is it feasible to get involved in stem cell business as i find my urban patients are constantly having tweaks to their steroid and interferon doses on a weekly basis for months.

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