13 responses to “Advance care plan (ACP) for patients with multiple co-morbidities”

  1. It gets easier after a few times to bring this up with pt and/or their family.

  2. Good review

  3. Excellent advice and very useful resource (My Voice) although written at a higher than average health literacy level so useful to spend time reviewing it before suggesting it to patients.

  4. Starting to use “my Voice”

  5. It is good to be reviewing these topics on and ongoing basis. I Like the surprise question. s

  6. This topic brings interesting discussions with patients. I like the surprise question to help identify some patients for which it is more urgent to have this discussion.

  7. including end of life discussions in complex care meetings now. New my voice information booklet also a great resource.

  8. Should be mandatory to discuss with all adult patients

  9. Although I am still in good health, I have been looking at this subject personally and I am glad I can discuss my own end-of-life issue with my GP and he/she can bill for the time spent in a visit.

  10. This article was helpful reminder of the need to do a better job with ACP. Will peruse the additional educational links to help formulate an action plan in our hospital in Guelph. We have been working with tools from advancecareplanning.ca.

  11. I’m glad the resource exists but I admit to a sense of inertia with regards to starting to use it. I may start with myself and family members to get comfortable with it before using it with patients. This is a good reminder that the tool exists and that it is time to start using it.

  12. A very useful tool to address an often neglected but exceptionally important topic for patients and their families.

  13. very stimulating

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