13 responses to “Paradigm shift in treatment of hemangiomas”

  1. very interesting. i see a lot of children

  2. I will definitely refer to a paediatric centre to undertake this approach.

  3. good

  4. Very interesting I would be interested to hear from a paediatric plastic surgeon re evidence for any surgery/laser approach. We were always told to leave well alone.

  5. Good to know re the treament.

    Thank you

  6. I will recall a few of my pediatric patients with hemangioma and give this treatment a try.

  7. interesting concept

  8. If a topical beta-blocker with vasoconstrictive effect can treat a hemangioma, maybe just topical ice applied a few times a day, or alternating heat and cold finishing with the cold for its vasoconstrictive effect, could be tried for a while first.

  9. Do all kinds of hemangiomas respnd to beta blockers?

  10. Good to know another treatment option but threatening hemangiomas are rare in my practice.

  11. I do not have a large paeds practice but definitely my approach to therapy and referal will change

  12. Good to know the dosages

  13. Very interesting to think that a blood pressure medication has effects on angiogenesis. I wonder what this implies for the chronic use of beta blockers in treating hypertensive patients. Are we affecting other blood vessel proliferation? Are we disallowing collateral circulation development in the event of a blockage i.e of the coronary arteries?

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