12 responses to “Understanding breast cancer responsiveness”

  1. What about progesterone receptors? Don’t they influence the type of treatment to be given? If not, why do we measure them?

  2. This was a good over-view of progressing and emerging science.

  3. Good summary. Bottom line is : we need more frequest “pre-digested” updates from our oncologist colleaques. It is very hard to be current with the numerous new therapies.

  4. Very interesting and goes some way to helping understand why breast cancer outcomes are so variable.

  5. very interesting

  6. Good update /summary

  7. The recognition that breast cancer is not one disease and advances in technology and molecular studies will make an impact on greater success in outcomes by using targeted treatments based on individual tumour specific biology.

  8. Good update. I would like to have an updated electronic access to BCCA guidelines and treatments. Remember that binder that was distributed to physicians years ago?

  9. Ditto for getting an online access to the BCCA Guidelines and Treatments. The science is evolving too quickly to rely on outdated printed material.

  10. good article

  11. Good work K.

  12. Very helpful to know improvement of treatmeent of cancer. I will certainly use more of the BC cancer agency web ressources.

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