12 responses to “Aldosterone antagonists for the treatment of systolic heart failure”

  1. Thanks this is a clear summary. However, I wonder if the study showed an impact on quality of life?
    Your review helped me clarify the differences of elprenone vs spironolactone.

  2. This is a well-presented and clear summary.

  3. no evidence that epierenone is better than spironolactone in this study. Is this a me to drug?

  4. I have tended to use spironolactone as an adjunct to furosemide with CHF. This certainly makes one reconsider an expanded use for this drug.

  5. Good review

  6. good concise, expect to change my practice

  7. Hadn’t considered Epeirenone before

  8. Good review.

  9. excellent new study

  10. are there any reports on long term studies? why was the study terminated?

  11. I have used Spironolactone for many years, but am limited by the complaints of about 50% of my male CHF patients concerning breast pain and hypertrophy, even with doses as low as 12.5 mg.

  12. great summary

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