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  1. will use CeraVe and cetaphil more often

  2. All too often, I have prescribed corticosteroid creams, while hinting at restoration of the epidermis through moisturizers, and avoiding aggravating exposures. I will now concentrate more on these factors, non steroidal creams, and think of skin barrier repair preparations as well.

  3. Also, how costly are the barrier repair creams?

  4. I found Cerave lotion to be very effective in young patients with atopic dermatitis.

  5. Would these skin barrier repair creams have any role to play in treating Hailey-Hailey?

  6. When to use topical steroid creams?

  7. I will give epiceram a try.

  8. Thank you very much.

  9. I have tried with success and will consider regular use as an add on

  10. Excellent and concise reminder on barrier repairs.

    What is the current thinking on use of short term antibiotics in moderate to severe cases ?

  11. Good info. Something else to try when usual treatment not helping.

  12. Will defintely try these–makes much more sense than just endless steroids creams. What do you think of the Laroche Posay product, Lipikar??? for the same purpose.

  13. Will consider new barrier repair creams

  14. will use more cerave cream and lotion

  15. Barrier repair creams are quite affordable, most available OTC as price point similar to other moisturizers. Epiceram more expensive, but covered by many 3rd party plans. Still less expensive than topical calcineuran blockers.

    Not likely helpful in HH due to genetic abnormality causing skin breakdown.

    These topicals are used in conjunction with steroids or instead of steroids for mild cases.

    Absolutely use short courses abx if patients appear superinfected.

    Lipikar good moisturizer, but more conventional, not barrier repair by mechanism.

  16. I have a feeling that at some point steroids will fall out of favor for the most part. I am continuosly using lower potency of steroids, and prescribing more ceramide and humectant. A personal favorite with excellent results is a combination of CeraVe and SkinMedica Ceramide cream. My current steroid is Verdeso Foam (Desonide 0.05%), which is a Class 6 steroid, only for flare-ups or hot spots. I like CeraVe because the molecules has different sizes, which allows for a more time-delayed penetration. I agree the regular stuff like short tepid baths and avoidance of over-cleaning should be re-emphasized with every visit.

  17. Thanks, I hadn’t been aware that CeraVe offers benefit beyond the other products I recommend.

  18. Did any of these studies include a “typical” moisturizer (like Glaxal base) monotherapy arm?

  19. Good article: it is good to know the new theories and other recommended treatments.

  20. I do already recommend ceramides, however, it is helpful to have the names of some specific creams to recommend (CeraVe and Epiceram). Aveeno Eczema cream contains ceramides, but I am not sure how the concentration of ceramides compares to CeraVe.

  21. Have been recommending and found it makes big difference to many of these individuals

  22. Thanks for the great article! Does the same approach to treatment apply to nummular dermatitis?

  23. Epiceram is my go to for non-inflammatory (acute red) eczema.

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