10 responses to “Care gaps in schizophrenia: male/female differences”

  1. This article is very comprehensive with a general approach to starting management of patients and relatives of psychotic people.

  2. Wasn’t aware of the different trajectories

  3. I also find it difficult to decide when to prescribe and antipsychotic or and antidepressant.

  4. New information for me–esp about women

  5. This helps to clarify some of the things I’ve seen in my own practice.

  6. Assist parents to understand the behaviour of thir children

  7. Was not aware there is a gap between men and women

  8. It is good to know the differences in presentation with men and women. I will watch more for signs in women at a later stage in life.

  9. I wasn’t aware that womens symptoms may be exacerbated during menopause.- great information

  10. this is very educative

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