6 responses to “This app changed my practice: CCS lipid guidelines”

  1. Since I use EMR in the office, are the results printable or able to be attached as a document to the patient file?

  2. What a wonderful way to be confidant about the results. This makes patient conselling straightforward giving the patient confidence in your advise

  3. Unfortunately, the app does not have printing ability. If you want, you can take a screenshot of the calculation, then transfer the image to the EMR (to take a screenshot, you press the front screen button and power button at the same time). This seems like more work than it’s worth.

  4. I agree that a visual is helpful for patients to understand.

  5. aim to download now.
    do use a paper version at present

  6. Thanks for the review. I am the author of this CCS mobile guideline app. Great suggestion to add a printable/PDF version or the calculation output in the next version.

    If you like this app, you should also check out the CMR App by the Canadian Cardiometabolic Risk Group. It is available in iOS, Android, Blackberry and the web (cmrapp.com).

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