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As 2011 draws to a close, I’d like to take an opportunity to thank all of our readers for their support, suggestions, and encouragement.  It’s been a very gratifying experience for all of us involved at This Changed My Practice.

To our authors: thank you for your enthusiastic responses to article and topic requests as well as the replies you’ve offered our readers in the comments section.

I’d also like to take some time to thank our editorial support team: Drs. Bob Bluman, Christie Newton, Daniel Ngui, and Shirley Sze.  Also, we wouldn’t be able to bring these to you without the amazing efforts of Ms. Nina Zoric, our Educational Program Coordinator at UBC CPD.

When we first launched the site, one of the guiding principals was to build a site that would draw interactivity and feedback from physicians and encourage a dialogue between readers and authors, but also readers to each other.  You didn’t disappoint: I’m proud to say that our site seems to attract more written comments and dialogue than most other, much larger medical sites and this is a testament to your active participation.

Your votes help shape discussion and this past year, 76% of the time readers stated they would “likely” or “definitely” change their practice after reading one of our articles.

This year’s top 5 articles for concurrence (with scores of >90% for “likely” or “definitely” change practice) were:

1. Monitoring of cardiovascular disease risk in people with chronic mental illness

2. The outcomes of prematurity

3. Don’t Request Testosterone Levels for Women’s Low Sexual Desire

4. Advocating Fallopian Tube removal at the time of hysterectomy to prevent ovarian cancer

5. Management of maternal thyroid disease in pregnancy

In the coming year, watch for more features aimed at enhancing our local British Columbia – specific CPD needs. Where applicable, we’ll strive to post (alongside the main article) relevant BC Guidelines, billing tips or local initiatives and resources.  This doesn’t alter our original mission: topic articles will still be independent of any guidelines and remain the author’s statement of change.  At times, there may be disagreement with guidelines, but I’ve always maintained that this encourages debate and reflection, one of the main reasons for our site’s existence.

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On behalf of all of us at This Changed My Practice, I’d like to wish you and your families a healthy, happy holiday season.

Steve Wong, MD, FRCPC

Internal Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UBC

Medical Director, Clinical Practice Reviews, UBC CPD

Medical Director, This Changed My Practice, UBC CPD

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