7 responses to “Ceiling doses of ketorolac and ibuprofen in acute pain management”

  1. What about anti inflammatory effects? Is that different than the analgesic effect? Or was it not measured?

  2. Do you add other analgesics in case you can not manage patient’s pain?

  3. What is the rationale for advising taking NSAIDs with food? Do they act as local irritants and thus will increase the bleeding risk? Isn’t the bleeding risk from the enzymatic effects? Food just delays absorption.

  4. What about individuals taking multiple analgesics to manage their chronic pain?

  5. I appreciate the information Dr Varshney dwelled upon and explained. My question is: were weight, gender, race, co-morbidities & other medications the trial population was taking during study time etc. considered and included during the study?

  6. I am aware of te risk associated with NSAIDs and the difference between COX 1 and 2. But the surprising information is that it took only 5 days to see the harm.

  7. In elderly patients one is often stuck with Acetominophen and opioids only, due to concerns about their kidneys. Opioids in elderly are also not ideal. Are there any alternatives to NSAIDS and opioids in the elderly? In an 80 year old with normal kidney function is it save to administer NSAIDs for a few days. Are we going to see iv Acetominophen in Canada?

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