3 responses to “Vaginal progesterone for the prevention of preterm birth”

  1. In the absence of a short cervix, the evidence for vaginal progesterone in preterm birth prevention is actually very weak…though it is benign.

    See below and the associated meta analysis. Romero might be the world’s expert on preterm birth.


  2. Good review!

  3. Very interesting article. Though I now would have my patients cared for by maternity clinics/obstetricians by 12 weeks gestation, there are the odd patients who might not be seen by them by 14 weeks. I would definitely make sure that they have the Rx for vaginal micronized progesterone if that is the case if they fit the criteria. On reading the SOGC guideline on this topic, I am glad to learn that this treatment is now preferred over cervical cerclage for this indication except for rescue cerclage for an examination-based diagnosis (i.e., an effaced or dilated cervix). Thank you.

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