5 responses to “Choosing Wisely – A resource to help reduce unnecessary or harmful tests and interventions”

  1. Thanks for the helpful information tool. I work in the ER and will check it out.

  2. as a palliative care physician, I know much of what is in this article. My practice will c hange in that I will give the info and reference to the family med residents I teach daily

  3. This is an extremely useful resource for managing requests for investigations and treatments which are not in the patient or the system’s interest. Patients like to see the “official” material in addition to the clinician opinion

  4. The “Choose Wisely” site is comprehensive yet succinct. I do intend to use it as a resource, and an education tool for both myself and my patients. I lean away from using computers while seeing patients as I believe eye contact is so important. However, it will be a site I’m sure to peruse after hours and possibly between patients.

  5. I think this is a very valuable topic of discussion. As a surgical teacher, I try and emphasize asking questions about why we do certain investigations and more importantly try to ask yourself what you’ll actually do with the answer. Spending time explaining to patients why a particular intervention is either unnecessary/low yield/unnecessarily risky does pay off.

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