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  1. does this program apply to the kootenays.Are pts referred to local surgeons if have a positive test.Does any pt who is ordered a fit test get a recal?

  2. This was a great approach and I am glad that we are doing the right thing .

  3. Please check that this screening program is appropriate to your community. Although our community has benefitted well by the mammography screening program this program currently works differently–as per my conversation this week with the manager of the Colonoscopy Screening Program. If you check the box on the lab requisition ‘FIT-for the Colonoscopy Screening Program’, the FIT results will come to your office. But the RN who acts as the patient coordinator for the Program calls the patient and makes the decision whether or not your patient is to be set up for a colonoscopy (a positive FIT test may not result in a colonoscopy set up by the program). At this time, your office is NOT notified if the patient coordinator has made an appointment or not for a colonoscopy. Our community has good system in place already to follow up on further screening for our positive FIT tests and to avoid double booking colonoscopies or missing follow up on positive results we have opted out for now.

  4. this is a very simple and practical approach

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