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  1. Thanks for the tips.
    Several of the offers that she mentions have expired, including:

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  2. Thanks for the article. Do you have concerns that the perspective that issues in physician mental health boils down to personality traits may send the wrong message to burnt-out physicians in the workforce? This narrative shifts the onus of poor mental health back onto the physicians and in a way may attempt to absolve the institution’s responsibility to create policies that protects its physician workforce. There is evidence that matriculating medical students have lower rates of burnout and depression vs age matched peers (Brazeau, Academic Medicine 2014), suggesting that this field is not “selecting” traits that predispose a person to poor mental health. Likewise, the poor mental health of medical students later in training, as well as in residents, is well documented. Meeks (J Gen Int Medicine 2019) succinctly summarizes the mixed messaging from residency programs in the US, where resiliency activities are encouraged, but no organizational change is done to allow for residents to incorporate more “wellness” activities into their life. On a similar token, a meta-analysis published in JAMA (Panagioti 2017) looked at 19 studies of interventions to address physician burnout and found that organizational level change (protected sleep hours, re-arranged shift schedules) were more effective at reducing burnout than individual-level interventions (resiliency teaching, mindfulness, yoga, etc).

    I fear that putting the onus of mental well-being back onto the physicians, residents, or medical students who work in an inherently and objectively challenging environment may potentiate a feeling of “failure” if a physician is not feeling well, adding to their list of stressors. I wonder if physicians would feel more supported if our discussions around their well-being focused more on systems-level change. Thank you for sharing the thoughts and resources.

  3. This is insightful and uplifting, thank you!
    Was not aware of all those nice perks.

  4. I do gardening , meditation and always cultivate the gratitude and attitude

  5. Really helpful. Appreciate the clear specific recommendations, and the list of perks:) A lot of work went into this. Thanks !

  6. I simply wish to thank Beata Chami for taking the time to put this posting together. I have already found it helpful.

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