5 responses to “Practice tip: medication-induced stuttering in psychiatric patients”

  1. I use antipsychotics (other than clozapine, but including olanzepine) at lower doses for palliative care patients who experience a hyperactive delirium, and will definitely be vigilant for acquired stutter. useful review – thank you.

  2. I have not been aware of this phenomenon previously so I will watch for it

  3. This article will heighten my awareness of the potential for stuttering in my geriatric patients, particularly those for whom antipsychotic medications are prescribed.

  4. Excellent article.

  5. I agree that this is an excellent article; I have learned something new and will keep it in mind when patients come to me on antipsychotic drugs, but I was also interested in your list of other drugs that can trigger stuttering (including SSRI’s).

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