13 responses to “This app changed my practice: My Fitness Pal”

  1. Seems like a fun thing to try but also time consuming and lots of my patients dont have computers never mind cell phones. I will try first myself before recommending to patients. most know the bad foods and the quantities are too large but few make significant changes.

  2. Will have to try this out. May be a useful tool for a motivated tech savvy patient.

  3. I’ve tried similar apps with patients and Ilona’s and Keith’s comments are relevant. Not everyone has a smartphone, especially if older and in need of dealing with this issue. In my experience, finding the right approach to match each patient is most valuable. Some love the link to a “pocket computer” with a program to track activity and diet, some hate being tied down like this.
    It comes down to motivation, driven by the feeling of being able to master the method used and having some degree of autonomy in the decisions made. Not many patients like being told that they have to do something. They have to want to do it!
    This gives another approach for the motivated person who loves technology!

  4. I think it sounds like a great way to help the motivated patient.

  5. I have been using this myself and encouraging pt’s to use it with good success.

    I agree that personal motivation is needed but this gives a visual tool to help and motivate.

    Everyone may not have a smartphone but almost everyone has access to a computer and those that don’t can use the library’s computers as some of my pt’s do.

    Older pt’s are far more computer adept than a lot of people may think and you can teach an old dog new tricks.

  6. i found the ‘MFP’ too complicated for the average patient. there is a high risk of pt dropping out after a while.

  7. I have used this personally and recommend it to patients. I find it very useful and easy to use.

  8. seems like a good app. I will test drive it and then hope to recommend it to paients.

  9. This would seem a useful tool for motivated patients.

  10. really nice motivational tool

  11. Most people who are obsessive obsessive enough to follow this app will likely be the same ones who don’t need it in the first place.

  12. I agree this is an excellent app, and I use it already. However, as often is the case, those who are already well motivated will likely do well with weight loss with or without this app.

  13. This a great app for a tech saavy patient. I used it myself last summer and found it very motivating. Weight loss is difficult; it is useful tool for reminding one of the caloric content of food. Recording food intake leads to greater weight loss. Thank you for sharing the app.

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