3 responses to “New fee codes and treatment options have improved my care of patients with mental health problems”

  1. The new suite of tools for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the associated billing codes have definitely improve my ability to care for patients with mental illness. I concur with Dr. Bluman’s comments in his article and hope that more physicians in our province and across Canada can be made aware of this supported approach with the associated tools from the Mental Health PSP.

  2. I have also attending the practice support program and have found the tools which they have introduced me to very helpful. Using support handouts has given much better structure to my follow up visits for patients with depression and anxiety. I haven’t been taking advantage of the new fees up until now. I will begin to do so to allow more compensated time.

  3. I’m glad to see that others feel strongly about this teaching module as I do. It probably was one of the most valuable continuing med education events that I’ve ever been part of and it has made the most impact on my practice.
    There has to be some planning, though, to implementing and continuing to use this effectively in your practice. If you are paper based, the handouts/referrals need to be tracked and displayed in an easily accessed area of the chart. If you are on an EMR, there needs to be some effort in integrating the resources and skills into the EMR. Accessing the electronic algorithm as a pdf file on your desktop is ok but much more usable in a “real” patient visit when everything is instantly accessible.
    PITO and PSP have supported “EMRizing” this into one vendor’s product and it works extremely well!

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