3 responses to “Evidence shows that chemotherapy holidays may not be in the best interest for patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma”

  1. Thank you for this update. Although I do not have many patients with metastatic colon cancer at present, and I generally rely on the specialist to direct such complex care, I find it very useful to be informed of the therapeutic choices faced by these patients so that I may support them through these difficult decisions.

  2. This is a well-written, informative article. While I do not routinely care for this patient population, it is useful information to be aware of and to use in order to evaluate chemotherapy options. Thank you.

  3. I guess it all comes down to the severity of the side effects vs the chances of ongoing tumour repression. Often very difficult to balance -especially for the oncologists who don’t really know the patients or their families. It is often a great help to the patient to have a more “neutral” and broad based opinion from their GP – who at the very least, can act as a sounding board for these “rock and a hard place” decisions and who, at least in rural areas, is dealing with the side effects. This , of course, assumes the patient has a GP!

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