4 responses to “New study on the use of erythropoietin stimulating agents in chronic kidney disease has made us evaluate the risk-benefit of ESA’s in CKD patients not on dialysis.”

  1. It information is very useful in providing a guideline for managing patients with CKD with anemia.

  2. At one time I worked for Canadian Executive Services Overseas in Dominica. It was quite common to see patients with a HGb of 70 or less. Mostly due to hookworm. They appeared to function just fine and were often surprised if I wanted to treat them. The cut-off for a general anesthetic was a HGb of 70 , something not many anesthesists would consider in our country. The point I want to make is that I have learned not have to get too concerned when the HGb hovers around 100.

  3. This is a nice succinct summary. But Dr. Beaulieu does not explain why she feels we should give darbepoeitin to people with hemoglobin lower than 100 g/L. Why should we? It appears to be dangerous, and diverts public money from more useful purposes, e.g. prevention of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

    I can’t vote in the above poll, because it will NOT change my practice, since I’ve not been recommending nor prescribing exogenous EPO.

    Thomas L. Perry, M.D., FRCPC

  4. i would like to know the researches done on this issue. Are there other side effects?
    thanks for the answer

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